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Your Annual Fund Needs Affinity Data Now

Today’s guest post comes from Gagan Dhillon, the founder of The online and mobile tool provider designs personalized campaign experiences to help higher ed institutions and nonprofits understand the affinity interests of their existing constituents and find, engage, and understand new and lost constituents. Imagine getting a call from an old friend you haven’t talked to in years, and the…

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You Want ROI? You Can’t Handle the ROI!

Today’s guest post comes by way of Keith Hannon, Associate Director of Social Media at Cornell University. For more of his thoughts on social media, advancement, and Saturday Night Live, follow Keith on Tumblr and Twitter.   The end of another fiscal year is upon us and for most advancement shops that means it’s time to…

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Grow Your LinkedIn Alumni Group by 5pm Today

There are over 147,000 alumni groups on LinkedIn associated with traditional high school and college alumni groups and a wide range of corporate alumni groups, including McKinsey (12,402 members), Goldman Sachs (14,318 members), and Bain & Company (9,078 members). Despite their connection to traditional alumni groups, few of these LinkedIn groups count more than 20% of…

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Learn How Social Donor Management Can Help Your Research at MARC

“Nonprofit leaders can no longer rely on instinct or intuition to develop the sophisticated development operations necessary today.” - APRA “Paradigm shift.” That is an expression heard around our office frequently these days. Customers and prospective customers have repeatedly described Social Donor Management as a massive shift in the way they approach the Advancement business. For…

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Identify Alumni Board Members with LinkedIn’s Best Kept Secret

I regularly see questions about how to identify alumni leaders for a school’s board, regional clubs, and other initiatives pop up in the Council for Advancement and Support of Education LinkedIn group and similar channels. Here’s a recent one from the CASE group: “I have a few openings at some of my most important clubs. I’ve…

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Money Raised by Facebook

Your School’s Facebook Advertising Budget Should Be 10x Bigger

Does your advancement communications budget look something like this?                     Odds are, it does. Advancement leaders have informed us that direct mail budgets can be as much as 100 times larger than Facebook advertising budgets.                     This…

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One Million Reasons Your President or Head of School Should Be on Twitter

“It costs us nothing to be on Twitter, but as you can see, we can even land million-dollar checks because of interactions and also major collaborations with institutions such as NASA…That’s a great ROI.” – University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono (@PrezOno) Your institution probably has a presence on Twitter. But does your President or…

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The Advancement Office of 2015

Most of the hundreds of institutions we work with utilize one or two core systems to manage advancement operations and communications. Over the last couple of decades, vendors have built broad platforms that offer a “comprehensive suite of solutions.” They might be represented visually like this: Traditional Fundraising Systems It’s likely that you use the…

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superdonors not only

Find Your Superdonors: What Fundraisers Can Learn From Velveeta

Like Velveeta, most of your institutions have been around for over 100 years. Like Velveeta, most of your institutions are recognizable brands in your community. Like Velveeta, most of your institutions change very slowly. Unlike Velveeta, most of your institutions did NOT generate $100 million in new revenue last year. So how’d they do it? As…

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