How Boston University is Finding Success with EverTrue

EverTrue offers one of the most promising products I have ever seen.The early results for Boston University have exceeded our expectations so fully that we are now committed to making it available to everyone in our advancement organization.

Scott Nichols
Scott Nichols
Boston University Senior Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations


Since 2010, Boston University had increased staff time and budget on social media, attracting over 200,000 Facebook fans. However, the Advancement team didn’t understand how that large social audience could support advancement objectives including annual fund participation, major donor identification and stewardship.


Thanks to EverTrue, Boston University gained additional valuable insights on its constituent base of more than 400,000 records.

With career data from LinkedIn, the BU team has more up-to-date job information readily available to help with stewardship and identification.  As BU constituents working in Venture Capital & Private Equity have the largest giving capacity, BU’s frontline fundraisers can prioritize their portfolio efforts on donors in these industries or identify new prospects who are engaged in higher capacity industries.

I found a prospect because of a search I was doing in EverTrue for a trip to Houston. The LinkedIn CEO title caught my eye. We had them rated ‘E’ previously based mostly on a real estate valuation. Thanks to EverTrue, our research team took a more in-depth look and upgraded this user.

Patrick Hewitt
Pat Hewett
Leadership Gift Officer, Boston University

With EverTrue’s Facebook integration, BU now easily tracks the performance of its major Facebook pages, including the Boston University and Boston University Alumni pages, to effectively publish content that resonates with alumni and supports the institution’s fundraising strategies.  With insights on how actively constituents are engaging with BU on Facebook, the team has surfaced 14,000 socially engaged non-donors who may be a good target for the Annual Fund, an event, or upcoming volunteering opportunity.  And the team has prioritized over 1,400 Rated, Socially Engaged, yet Unassigned prospects to be added to pipelines or to target for larger Annual Fund gifts.


With the data from their CRM and insights from LinkedIn, Facebook, Zillow and more – BU fundraisers now can easily and independently connect the dots.  Instead of opening multiple screens and tabs, fundraisers like Pat Hewett can complete most of their research right in EverTrue.  And rather than spending time tracking down reports or queries from the Advancement Services team, the team can quickly complete this work right in EverTrue and spend more time preparing for and meeting with donors.

It’s a great product that allows for easy recognition of true prospects for frontline people. I can spend less time trying to pick all the parameters necessary for my database to function and seamlessly choose criteria I want or need from EverTrue. Any frontline people should find GivingTree useful.

David Frew
David Frew
Associate Director of Development at Boston University School of Management

By quickly seeing all of the Facebook Posts a donor has engaged with over time, frontline fundraisers like David have a better view of what a donor is most interested in.  Perhaps a donor often likes content about BU’s band or another tends to engage with content about the school’s sports team.  Equipped with this information, Leadership Gift Officers can tailor conversations to areas of affinity while Annual Fund fundraisers can ask for a donation to a particular Fund.

EverTrue is a powerful connection-drawing tool that makes our CRM more accessible on a daily basis.

Leah Davis
Leah Davis
Associate Director, New Media at Boston University Development & Alumni Relations

To maximize these engagement insights, Leah Davis and the Communications team continue to invest in compelling social content to support BU’s fundraising targets.  By easily finding out who has engaged with a specific Facebook post, Leah is able to identify alumni for targeted projects, new products, or events.

By bringing together valuable insights from their database and sources such as LinkedIn and Facebook in an easily accessible way, EverTrue has helped Boston University to maximize the insights available for its entire team and effectively understand its growing social presence and increased alumni engagement.

During my career, I have seen many development tools heralded as the fundraising silver bullet come and go. Most programs just waste a lot of time and money on start-up and leave everyone feeling frustrated. As a result, I am now very cynical when something new comes to market. EverTrue is different. I think it will prove to be an industry changing platform.

Terry McManus
Terry McManus
Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations, Boston University School of Law

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