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Founded in 1901, Middlesex School is an international independent high school in Concord, Massachusetts with 375 students and more than 10,000 records.


The Middlesex Development team sought a way to maximize its efficiency when making asks, which meant finding a way to verify professional information and garner social media analytics to better understand which segments of its constituency were most engaged.


Since launching EverTrue in February 2014, the Middlesex team has uncovered donor trends that help connect social media activity to financial support:

  • 54% of the school’s alumni on LinkedIn have given vs. only 25% of those not matched on LinkedIn.
  • 85% of alumni in venture capital and private equity have given vs. only 48% in primary/secondary education.
  • Nearly 18% of Middlesex alumni—43% of 2010 grads—have liked the school’s Facebook page, and EverTrue shows exactly which posts each alum has liked.
  • 61% of Facebook likers have given to Middlesex vs. only 35% of non-likers.


Alex Hanken headshot

“EverTrue has the potential to change the way advancement offices think about donor data, allowing advancement professionals to truly use donor information as a tool rather than a supplement or starting point and thereby increasing office efficiency.”

– former Middlesex Development and Marketing Associate
 Alex Hanken

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