Activity -> meetings -> dollars. Contact 100% of your portfolio by FYE.

For many of you, the end of the fiscal year is approaching. Ultimately, you’ve got big dollar goals to meet. And as we love to shout from the rooftops of EverTrue: More activity leads to more meetings which lead to more dollars. Full stop. Between now and the end of the fiscal year, one thing […]

RAISE Podcast: Stephen Rodriguez, Brandeis University

Stephen Rodriguez Brandeiz

On this episode of the RAISE podcast, Brent talks with Stephen Rodriguez, Associate Vice President for Development at Brandeis University. Stephen shares his experience playing saxophone on a cruise ship, taking 200 dives in 18 months to get his scuba diving cert, and the path to his first job in development. Other topics on the […]

A DXO’s top three questions to uncover planned gifts.

Thumbnail_A DXO’s top three questions to uncover planned gifts

Dianna Finocchiaro Gallagher is one of the founding fundraisers at Santa Clara University’s Donor Experience Program. In her first four months as a digital-first gift officer, Dianna has already had 1:1 contact with over 300 alums. That’s more prospects than most major gift officers connect with in a year. Dianna has great insights to share on […]

RAISE Podcast: Kimera Way, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

Kimera Way, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire - RAISE Podcast

On this week’s episode of the RAISE Podcast, Brent talks with Kimera “Kim” Way, President of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Foundation, and Executive Director of University Advancement at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. (Tough to fit that all on a business card!) Juuust before Brent joined this podcast conversation with […]

5 steps to convert event registrants into managed prospects

The Louisiana Tech University team recently made a triumphant return to an in-person event season with Celebrate the Legacy: a six-city event series highlighting the bright future of their athletics program. The response from alums and fans was awesome. Many folks registered and joined. Others registered and didn’t show (so that fact hasn’t changed with […]

Four big takeaways on the future of fundraising

“Every two years, the donor relations community comes together and provides one of the best resources for our profession—the Pulse of Donor Relations Survey. It is a labor of love, answering questions that may not seem important at first but, when placed in the context of the profession, become a seminal work to understand our […]

RAISE Podcast: Deb Taft, Lindauer

RAISE Podcast: Deb Taft

On this episode of the RAISE Podcast, Brent talks with Deb Taft, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner of Lindauer. Deb shares her experience with the independent school sector, from attending Phillips Exeter Academy (one of EverTrue’s first and longest-standing partners!) to working with Beaver Country Day Schools, and others. Brent and Deb also discuss Covid’s lasting […]

RAISE Podcast: Bill Kissick, Kent School

Bill Kissick, Kent School - RAISE Podcast

On this episode of the RAISE podcast, Brent chats with Bill Kissick, Chief Advancement Officer at Kent School. (Bill was Chief Advancement Officer at Mercersberg Academy when we recorded this episode.) Brent met Bill within the first few months of founding EverTrue, and Bill has been a source of guidance and perspective for us ever […]

RAISE Podcast, “Host the Host” Edition: Brent Grinna x JD Beebe

RAISE Podcast - host the host

Brent Grinna has hosted over 100 Advancement greats on the RAISE Podcast. JD Beebe, founder of ThankView and now-president of EverTrue, was one of those first 100 guests, and he and Brent had a lot of fun with his episode of the RAISE podcast. This week, JD turns the tables and asks Brent to share […]

RAISE Podcast: June Bradham, Change Develop Move

June Bradham, Change Develop Move

On this episode of RAISE podcast, Brent talks with June Bradham, Principal at Change Develop Move. They discuss the keys to building a productive and cohesive board, how to tailor your message to speak to different personas, why roleplaying should be a go-to training tool for every fundraiser, and how to get everyone on board […]

The Data Sync: a TRUE integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT

EverTrue’s new automatic Data Sync brings Raiser’s Edge NXT data into EverTrue nightly. The makings of a perfect match Advancement officers like Carlene Johnson from Boston College High School love Raiser’s Edge NXT. She counts on the alumni database as a safe and reliable storage place for historical student, alumni, and giving data, and a deep […]

RAISE Podcast: Erin Moran, The Solas Group

On this episode of the RAISE podcast, Brent chats with Erin Moran, co-founder of The Solas Group, and one of the newest additions to the EverCrew! (Read about how The Solas Group recently joined the EverTrue family).  In this discussion, we learn how The Solas Group came to be well-known for their industry knowledge, strategic […]