Everyone’s a Fundraiser: Listen to The Newest Episode of the RAISE Podcast Now

On this episode of the RAISE Podcast we’ve got Chris Campbell, Senior Associate Vice President of Information Strategy at the Oklahoma State University Foundation. If we tried to count the reasons we invited Chris on we’d run out of fingers real quick. But we’ll list just a few anyway.

For one, you might’ve heard that we announced the release of TrueView this week. We’re excited about it because months and months of hard work from the whole EverCrew went into the launch. But mostly we’re excited about all the possibilities it opens up for fundraising teams. We think the sky is the limit and are curious to see how you start using this new technology.

Chris and his team at Oklahoma State got a sneak peek at what TrueView is all about as a part of our pilot program before we opened the doors to everyone. We wanted to hear his initial reactions to the possibilities and what it means for their future.

Brent and Chris also talk about how everyone (every. single. person.) on an advancement team is a Capital-F fundraiser, why available technology cannot dictate strategy, and why a reactive strategy to donor passions is a complete waste of time.

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