Academia’s Misconceptions Can Hurt Your Bottom Line: New Episode of the RAISE Podcast

Here’s something you don’t come across at every cocktail party: Someone with a PhD in fundraising. So we called up Anna Schlia for this episode of the RAISE Podcast in case you don’t run in the same social circles she does.

Anna is the Senior Director of Advancement for the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester…by day. By night she’s pursuing her PhD. Which, again, we cannot stress how many advancement pros we talk to day after day, week after week. And Anna might seriously be the only the person we’ve come across who’s doing (or done it).

Apart from her studies, Anna’s been closing gifts on the frontlines for years and she’s learned a few things over the years. She’s got interesting thoughts on why personal branding, after becoming nearly mandatory in private business for employees at every level, is about to sweet through not only fundraising, but academia as a whole.

Her and Brent also talk about why academia’s misconceptions about fundraising can have seriously negative impacts if you’re not careful and why, even though she believes in having strong metrics for herself and her team, there’s a lot of value in going out of your way to build and maintain relationships that don’t present any immediate advantages.

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