RAISE Podcast: Live from RAISE2019 with Mark Koenig 

Your podcast hasn’t truly arrived until you do a live episode. We asked around the podcast world, and that’s what we were told. Everyone seemed pretty official about the whole thing. So we figured we’d better go ahead and get official by recording this episode of the RAISE Podcast live on stage at RAISE2019 a few weeks ago.

Mark Koenig, Assistant Vice President for Advancement Services, Analytics and Digital Strategy at the Oregon State University Foundation, was game enough to sit down with Brent as we tried out a live recording. Being the total pro that he is, Mark was unfazed by the bright lights.

In their conversation, Brent and Mark take a step back from the day-in, day-out work that drives fundraising. They examine the industry with a bird’s eye view and talk about some of the big picture issues that are easy to miss when we’re consumed by our to do lists. 

They take a special interest in retention, and the industry’s shortcomings when it comes to making sure donors return year after year, even though countless studies show that it’s less expensive to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one.

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