Customer Stories:

“A Huge Win”: Far Brook School’s First Three Months With EverTrue


Far Brook School, a private, coeducational Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 8 in Short Hills, New Jersey, is a tight-knit community with 240 students and a loyal, generous base of donors.

The Challenge:

Each year, the Far Brook development team sets bold goals but faces the challenge of fulfilling the school’s fundraising needs due to a small staff and a limited pool of alumni.


The Far Brook team purchased EverTrue to more efficiently manage prospects, identify new donors, and improve the accessibility and accuracy of their constituent data. With a goal of half-a-million dollars this year, Far Brook plans to use EverTrue to widen their annual fund donor base.

The team looks forward to leveraging updated information on alumni—thanks to EverTrue’s integration with LinkedIn—to connect with more graduates and parents. In addition, as they look to cultivate leadership and major donors for future capital campaigns, the team will be using EverTrue to uncover and keep tabs on these top prospects.

Suzanne Glatt, director of development at Far Brook, took some time to share her team’s early successes with EverTrue. In just three months, Far Brook has already…

Saved Time and Money on Prospect Research

“Finding EverTrue was a huge win for us. The cost of hiring a professional researcher, which we did for our last campaign, was much costlier than the price of what it is to have EverTrue for a year. EverTrue provides much of the information we need, right at your fingertips. What would take hours and days for us to do takes EverTrue seconds and minutes.”

Prepared for Donor Meetings More Efficiently

“If I have a meeting, I can run a profile on someone in five minutes with EverTrue, whereas if I was to do that with a researcher or on my own, I would have to give myself a few days to get that information.”

Started Planning a Trip to a New Region

“We have been talking forever about planning a trip to California, and until now we had no idea we had enough people there to justify a trip. We ran a couple of lists in EverTrue to find people in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and there are definitely people that are untapped, no question. There are at least 10 people that I have never spent time looking at that I should be.

EverTrue highlights the people to put at the top of your list. I can run a list of people in California in our database, but it’s very static. Having access to all of the constituent’s information, and then being able to look at someone’s LinkedIn profile or Facebook… it really changes the way you look at the prospect.”

On Partnering with EverTrue

“I think it is an amazing product. But what makes it truly amazing is the product plus the people behind it. There are lots of products out there, but if you don’t provide support on the back end, then it remains a one-dimensional tool. I see us really growing and learning because we have the support of EverTrue and your good thoughts, ideas, and expertise.”