Customer Stories:

An Albuquerque Academy gift officer uncovers new prospects with EverTrue


Martha Hargrove is associate director of advancement for major gifts at Albuquerque Academy, an independent co-ed day school for grades 6-12 located in Albuquerque, NM.

The results:

Martha has uncovered new major gift prospects
 and optimized her donor visits in just under three months of using EverTrue.

The full story:

“We don’t have anything that is integrated with LinkedIn or Facebook, so it has been amazingly effective to subsidize our existing information with social information, which is updated much more frequently. Another bonus is the ability to toggle between different visualizations of the same data.

You might start looking at the map, switch to the EverTrue Index list, and then change again to lifetime giving. Each of the screens gives you a different set of data points that makes it easier and nearly instantaneous to extract prospects not currently on the school’s radar.

I started finding prospects immediately and have identified about 60 so far. EverTrue is most exciting when we see engaged donors who have not yet been cultivated by our office but who have both the capacity and self-selected propensity to become major donors.”

Before EverTrue, if I thought someone might be a good prospect, I spent a lot of time data mining online and comparing new findings with information living in our database. Now, I’m able to see the full picture immediately. I can get everything I already had plus new, integrated information. It’s significantly better and much faster.

Jeff Morgan, director of campaign initiatives and major gifts, and I work together in the app because it’s so much faster and easier than it would be to print lists and profiles. Printing…who prints?!”

“I use EverTrue to plan trips around the country and to fill my calendar at home. I also use it all the time before meetings to refresh myself on biographical information. We don’t have an app for our database, but even if we did, I would want the additional information EverTrue gives me.”