Bard College at Simon’s Rock Tracks Prospects in Real Time With EverTrue


Bard College at Simon's Rock is a residential four-year liberal arts college located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Bard College at Simon’s Rock is the only four year college in the United States specifically designed to allow bright, highly motivated adolescents to fully realize their intellectual and creative potential by beginning college immediately after the tenth or eleventh grade.


Bard College at Simon’s Rock was able to reconnect with a top prospect and invite her to a high-profile event thanks to saved searches and dynamic push updates from EverTrue.

The Full Story

Hear how Cathy Ingram, director of alumni and parent engagement at Simon’s Rock, used EverTrue to help her identify and connect with the new prospect:

1. Using EverTrue, I searched for constituents in Dallas and saved the search. (The initial results included only 16 constituents.)

2. I set up EverTrue notifications so that new prospects who matched the search criteria would be sent to my inbox and phone weekly.

3. A few weeks after setting up the search, I received an email from EverTrue that a top prospect had moved to Dallas.

4. Within a day, I reached out to the newly identified prospect—a parent that the Provost had been hoping to connect with for some time.

The prospect was impressed that we knew about her move so quickly. It was a great touchpoint for us, and she was appreciative that she was contacted in a personal way about the event.

Before EverTrue, location updates were not actively pushed to me or other members of the frontline team. Now, I don’t need to rely on other people in the office or on the advancement services team to stay up-to-date on prospects and to build the lists I need for events or trips.

Using EverTrue is much easier than the process we used the past and allows us to effortlessly stay updated on prospects without digging for information. EverTrue saves us time and effort.