Customer Stories:

Baylor University’s Success with “Next-Best” Prospects and Mobile Technology


Gift officers at Baylor University’s annual giving department, including Stephen Sullivan, Director of Leadership Annual Gifts, and gift officer Rachel Bay, have achieved remarkable success by leveraging mobile-friendly technology, such as the EverTrue app, to identify and engage “next-best” prospects. Through their strategic approach and proactive use of data, they have established meaningful connections, secured significant gifts, and fostered lasting relationships with donors.

The Challenge:

Within the advancement industry, there is a pressing need to focus on the 97% of alumni who lack a personal connection with their alma maters. This presents an opportunity to engage the “next-best” prospects who have the potential to become valuable supporters. The challenge lies in identifying and cultivating these prospects during donor trips, taking advantage of last-minute canceled meetings as opportunities to connect with individuals who have fallen through the cracks.

Why evertrue:

Mobile-friendly technology, such as the EverTrue app, proves to be invaluable in transforming canceled meetings into chances to connect with overlooked prospects. By utilizing features like the prospect heat map and data visualization, gift officers gain insights and leverage untraditional data points to uncover potential donors. The app empowers them to make quick decisions and stay connected while on the move.

The results:

Gift officers who have adopted this proactive approach have achieved remarkable results:

Stephen Sullivan from Baylor University engaged with a last-minute dinner meeting, resulting in the establishment of an endowed scholarship.

Rachel Bay, another Baylor gift officer, filled meeting gaps and scheduled additional visits, leading to future opportunities with new prospects.

Devin Ferguson, AVP for Philanthropy at Louisana Tech, cultivated a connection with an alum, facilitating introductions to faculty and fostering collaborations that resulted in a leadership gift and alumni gathering.

Other examples include UVA’s Andrew Westhouse, UNH’s Michael Randall, and The University of Memphis’ Kimberly Grantham, who successfully tapped into untraditional data points to identify and engage new prospects, resulting in significant gifts and meaningful relationships.

These success stories highlight the power of strategic planning, mobile technology, and innovative thinking in navigating donor trips and uncovering the potential of “wowie” prospects. By embracing these tactics, gift officers can maximize their impact, forge lasting connections, and pave the way for philanthropic success.

It’s no secret that we love to talk about the “next-best” prospects. You know, the 97% of folks who are not in an MGO portfolio. The 1/3 of donors who have given over $1,000, but never received a personalized “thanks” for their gift. The 96% of folks with a net worth value over $1MM+ that are unassigned. (Source: EverTrue analysis)

Our friends at the University of Wyoming call these prospects the “wowies.” We love that.

There is a lot to be said on the topic of why the advancement industry needs to pay closer attention to the 97% of alums that don’t currently have a 1:1 relationship with their alma maters. But for now, we’re going to focus on how to get these “next-best” prospects on the map for qualifying visits while you’re out on the road.

On any gift officer trip, the anchor visits are a given – you’ll meet with the top folks on your radar. But the trip shouldn’t end there. Make sure to intentionally seek out those “next-best” prospects to build out a well-rounded trip that cultivates and stewards the known folks and brings a steady cohort of new “wowies” into the pipeline. 

In the world of identifying alums for qualifying visits (and in the world, in general), luck favors the prepared. Check out this example from our friend Stephen Sullivan, Director of Leadership Annual Gifts at Baylor University, who used last-minute meeting cancellations as an opportunity to bring new major gift prospects into the fold.

Last-minute cancellations

On a recent trip to Houston, a donor sent Stephen a last-minute cancellation message. Using the prospect heat map feature on the EverTrue app, he zoomed in on alums in the area who were unassigned and hadn’t met with a gift officer. 

He texted a bunch of folks, one responded, they had dinner, and about a year later, the donor established an endowed scholarship. 

Another member of the Baylor team, gift officer Rachel Bay, was recently traveling in Austin and received a last-minute cancellation from a donor. 

Rachel used the EverTrue prospect heat map to layer in some key data points (recent gifts, LYBUNTs, recent social media engagement) and sent a quick text to a handful of long-overlooked folks:

“Hi, NAME! This is Rachel from Baylor. I’ll be in the Austin area tomorrow and just had some time open up on my calendar. I would love to stop by and say hello! Are you available?”

From those texts, Rachel filled the meeting gap, scheduled additional visits, and already has another Austin trip planned to follow up with these new prospects.

Canceled donor meetings are disappointing, but they’re just a part of life. Mobile-friendly technology can turn cancellations into an opportunity to connect with folks that have fallen through the cracks for years.

Planning ahead

Meet Devin Ferguson, Assistant Vice President for Philanthropy & Engagement at Louisiana Tech University.

Ahead of a recent visit to Atlanta, Georgia, Devin intentionally made time to dig into some Atlanta-based prospects that showed signs of affinity to Louisiana Tech, but hadn’t received any personal contact from a gift officer.

In EverTrue, Devin targeted a “textbook” qualification visit. The alum had engaged a number of times with Tech’s Facebook page, and his job title indicated significant capacity (he played a major role in building and designing an up-and-coming Georgia city).

Devin reached out to the alum ahead of his Atlanta trip. The alum responded and they met twice within one month, during which Devin learned about the alum’s interest in economic development and business startups. Connections abounded – Devin introduced the alum to a number of faculty members from Tech’s Innovation Enterprise program, and the alum connected Devin with a number of successful (and long-overlooked) Tech alums in the economic development and startup space. 

The alum and his wife made a leadership gift to Louisiana Tech, and have since hosted a gathering for Louisiana Tech alums in the Atlanta area.

"Using EverTrue, I added a filler visit on a recent trip to Atlanta. The donor checked every box — affinity, capacity, and timing. We've now visited this person twice in a month, introduced him to faculty, and he is already establishing connections between Tech faculty and other industry leaders. We now have a large proposal in the works."

Here are a few more examples of gift officers using untraditional data points to uncover some “wowie” prospects:

3 Stealable Tips

These are a few pro-tips to find your “wowie” prospects and help you prepare for the inevitable canceled donor meeting.

1.Know your 5 “next-best.”

Before your trip, dedicate an hour to uncovering your “next-best” prospects. We suggest layering these data points. (This is do-able in a few clicks in EverTrue. Get in touch if you’d like a walk-through.)

  • Unassigned prospects who…
    • Have not met with a gift officer in the past three years
    • Just changed jobs
    • Just engaged with your school’s Facebook page
    • Just made a gift

EverTrue pro-tip: Save a search in EverTrue titled “Next-best: CITY NAME” for easy reference from your phone via the EverTrue app while you’re on the move.

2. Use the app on your phone

For those super-last-minute cancellations, open the EverTrue app on your phone, zoom in on the neighborhood (or even the building) you’re in to see prospects who live or work nearby, and shoot them a call or text.

3. Keyword search contact reports.

Maybe you’re traveling with a well-known faculty member or campus leader. Or, maybe you’re focused on raising money for a new student center or research initiative. In EverTrue, you can search past contact reports by keyword, layer in geographical information, and mine folks in the area for whom a last-minute meeting request would make sense. 

Need help uncovering your “next-best” prospects? That’s what we’re here for. Get in touch!