Customer Stories:

Millbrook School saves hours per week fundraising with EverTrue


Deborah Vanecek is an advancement officer at Millbrook School, a highly selective coeducational boarding and day high school in Millbrook, NY.

The Challenge:

It was time-consuming for Deborah to perform daily tasks such as planning travel, coordinating volunteer outreach lists, and accessing pertinent donor information.

Why evertrue:

Using EverTrue, Deborah has saved up to five hours a week accessing donor data, generating useful reports, and planning for trips.

The full story:

“The words JOY, EASE and PLEASURE do not begin to describe my experience with the product. The ability to go from static to dynamic is a great benefit, especially as we travel quite a bit.”

“There are certain things that EverTrue has the power to do that no one on our development team can accomplish in our database.

EverTrue is as simple as a sort and select—and then all the data I need is at my fingertips. Previously, the team would need to print out a list that would quickly become outdated. With EverTrue, any user can look at the app and see a refreshed accurate list of people to target with little effort.”

“I spend a lot of time working with our volunteers for outreach. Before EverTrue, it would take me to two to four days to build a query from the database, run it for each class agent, and edit the Excel spreadsheet to email. Now, with EverTrue, the whole process takes me less than half a day. I tailor which data I want to show a volunteer, and then quickly just send that segment to a volunteer. I end up saving five hours a week thanks to EverTrue.

It’s also a huge time saver to visually look at the map. I always use the EverTrue map as I’m planning these trips to see constituents’ office addresses since I’m meeting people during the day. That helps me plan visits close to each other. And I can email the people I want to see to set up a visit right from EverTrue. It’s really easy.”

“The entire EverTrue staff has been fantastic to work with. No matter what form of interaction—sales, support, or engineering—EverTrue has demonstrated a solid understanding of the development needs of our office.  And the product continues to quickly evolve based on the customer’s wants and needs. EverTrue has changed my day-to-day from tactical to strategic.”