TrueTalk Series

TrueTalk: Conversations from EverTrue HQ

Join members of the EverCrew as we question, create, and explore the future of advancement and fundraising. We’ll talk with fundraisers who are pushing limits and challenging norms, outsiders worth emulating, and co-workers with big ideas. And you’ll never hear anyone say “we do it this way because that’s how it’s always been done.”

TrueTalk: Compensation Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word.

Advancement Services, Featured, TrueTalkDecember 14, 20180 Comments

Here’s a topic nobody wants to talk about. We’re talking about it anyway. This edition of TrueTalk is all about compensation for your advancement team. It’s treated like a taboo topic. But why? Employees need to be compensated, just like

TrueTalk: Time to Rethink Your Org Structure?

EverTrue Culture, TrueTalkNovember 30, 20180 Comments

Technology is great. No one will argue with that. Unless maybe their phone is on the fritz. But it isn’t the answer. Never has been. Isn’t going to start now. You need the right people in the right positions figuring

TrueTalk: Will You Be 1 of 40 Emails in Our Inbox on Giving Tuesday?

Alumni Relations, Advancement Services, Gift Officers, Prospect Research, TrueTalk, , , , , , November 16, 20180 Comments

Fair warning right up front: There are some controversial opinions in the newest edition of TrueTalk. The subject is Giving Tuesday and Brent and Courtney have some thoughts. To say the least. No one is questioning the spirit of the

TrueTalk: Conversations from EverTrue HQ — Episode 2: Put Your Phones To Work

Alumni Relations, Development, Advancement Services, Gift Officers, Prospect Research, Annual Giving, Advancement Leadership, TrueTalkNovember 1, 20180 Comments

If you’re like me, you’re always connected and always online. Whether using apps for travel, weather, news, video, social media, or games, I expect a seamless transition from my desktop to my phone without losing any quality. So why do we

TrueTalk: Conversations from EverTrue HQ — Episode 1: What’s the follow-up plan?

Alumni Relations, Gift Officers, Prospect Research, Annual Giving, TrueTalk, , , , , , , , , October 22, 20180 Comments

You throw a great event. Thousands of families come to the homecoming game. A social post goes viral. What happens next? Too often, the answer is nothing. *Crickets chirping* So how can higher ed change that? We’re tackling that topic