TrueView Exports

Add depth to your data

With this premium feature, unlock exports of enriched data and engagement insights from EverTrue’s TrueView profiles.

We do the hard work for you

Bringing in new data and matching it to individual records is difficult. We’ve spent years refining our proprietary matching algorithm and have already connected your constituents’ data to their digital footprints, delivering continually updated information via our TrueView profiles.

Now you can export all the enriched career info, interest data, social profiles, and matched Facebook interactions to store in your CRM, add depth to a data lake, visualize in Tableau, or use for a special project.

Tap into the only source of matched Facebook data

Build engagement scores based on social media activity or upgrade predictive giving models by using the data from matched constituents who are interacting with EverTrue-tracked Facebook pages.

Use these insights to participate in the new CASE Alumni Engagement Metrics survey and accurately report on the impact and reach of your institution’s social media presence.

Even more great data coming soon

We’re adding additional data sources to TrueView profiles by expanding our career information, adding business emails, and bringing in contact information including mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

Plus, you can add human-verified job updates delivered automatically every 90 days with Career Moves and add precise household net worth and wealth insights with our Windfall integration.

“We’ve wanted to focus on connecting with our donors’ passions and now we’re able to do that in new ways. This has the potential to open the doors for major gifts, annual giving, and alumni relations as we try to engage our constituents in ways that add meaning for their lives and for Oklahoma State University.”

Chris Campbell,
Senior Associate Vice President of Information Strategy