Initial Demographic Data from Brown Alumni Connect

Here at EverTrue, we’re committed to better connecting alumni to their schools and to one another through mobile technology.  We’re also very focused on analyzing our results in an effort to create the best user experience possible over time.

We’ve completed some preliminary demographic analysis based on our recent launch of Brown Alumni Connect for the iPhone.  These statistics are at an aggregate level and we thought you might find the data interesting as you evaluate mobile alumni communications.

The mix of app downloads is not surprising given that Brown Alumni Connect was launched in conjunction with the 2010 reunions.  The breakdown of users by class year is exciting because 1) this begins to support our thesis that mobile will become the best way to engage young alumni and 2) adoption among alumni from pre-1990 was surprisingly high.  So does this mean mobile is the best way to reach alumni of any age? I wouldn’t go that far (yet!), but it does indicate broad adoption among young alumni and many adopters across generations.

Feel free to contact Dorcey Baker, Brown’s Director of Alumni Communications, or Todd Andrews, Brown’s VP of Alumni Communications, if you’d like to hear Brown’s take on the launch and working with EverTrue.

Initial feedback has been very positive and we are working with many other schools to develop alumni-centric mobile initiatives.  Hopefully we’ll have much more data to share in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, feel free to reach out to me directly at

Ever True!

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