Angry Birds BlackBerry App and eBay Mobile Commerce

Yesterday, Erik Savitz (@savitz) wrote a Forbe’s article with the following lead in:

“More and more, your phone isn’t just about email and Angry Birds. It’s about shopping.”

This post is about both Angry Birds and shopping.

First, this morning I saw a tweet pop up from Chris Dixon (@cdixon) via Google’s Christian Tom (@cltom).  They discovered screenshots from the upcoming Angry Birds for BlackBerry release!  See below:

It looks fun, right?

We don’t mean to make fun of BlackBerry – many of us have been loyal users over the years, but the fact that someone is willing to make the effort to create and publish the screenshot that speaks volumes about consumer preferences and perceptions.  Maybe 2011 will be the year they get back on track.

On another note, eBay is an organization that has done an excellent job of embracing mobile technology.  This morning, TechCrunch published this article about the unbelievable growth eBay has experienced in mobile commerce.  $2 billion of mobile transaction volume was conducted versus $600 million in 2010.  Any guesses for 2011?

I’ll make my predication: eBay will book $12 billion+ in mobile transactions in 2011, driven by mobile tablets and increased smartphone adoption.  If volume increased over 3x in 2010, I’ll hang my hat on a 6x increase in 2011, primarily driven by tablets and increased adoption of iPhone and Android devices.  We’ll check back in January 2012 to see what the actual numbers were.

Quick facts from the company’s recent press release:

– eBay mobile apps have been downloaded more than 30 million times in over 190 countries.
– The company’s RedLaser iPhone app for bar code scanning and comparison-shopping has been downloaded nearly seven million times
– Three to four Ferraris are purchased every month through its mobile apps (really?!?).
– More than 35% of iPad owners have downloaded the eBay app for the iPad.

It will be fun to track the growth of mobile commerce in the coming year.  Hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to look back and see similar growth in mobile engagement relating to alumni relations!

Below I’ve included a nice video overview of the eBay iPad app.

Ever True!

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