Blog Post #1 of Many

My name is Aaron Clayton-Dunn and this is my first day as an “EverTern” (EverTrue intern).  I’ll be here through August.

I graduated from Deerfield Academy in 2009, and I’m currently a Music major at Brown University, starting my junior year in the Fall.  I’ve dreamed of being an entrepreneur since I was a kid, and I have a couple projects in the works with friends from Brown.

As I’ve become more serious about entrepreneurship, I’ve started following dozens of start-up/VC/angel investor/tech blogs.  For anyone looking for a window into this world, here’s a list of some of the blogs I’ve found most helpful.

A VC, by Fred Wilson

Check out the AngelList blog for information on startups coming out of AngelList, an online community for entrepreneurs and investors

TechCrunch for more updates on tech companies

Beyond VC, Ed Sim’s blog

Both Sides of the Table, by Mark Suster

Ben’s Blog, by Ben Horowitz (of the Andreeson-Horowitz venture capital firm)

Neil Patel’s blog

Elad’s Blog

VC Mike’s Blog

Venture Hacks

Seth Godin’s blog

Shai Goldman’s blog

Steve Blank’s blog

When I was looking for a summer internship, I came across the very problem that EverTrue is helping solve–connecting with alumni.  I used BRUnet, Brown’s student-alumni networking service, to find this opportunity.  While I am grateful for having access to Brown’s alumni community, I’m excited about being part of a team that is building more innovative solutions that are tailored for my generation.

I’m excited to get onboard with a fast-paced startup doing meaningful work for academic communities.  I’m looking forward to working with and learning from this group of highly motivated entrepreneurs.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter; lots more to come in the next two months!

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