Introducing the iGift – Apple’s $10,000 Matching Gift Program

Most of Apple’s big announcements have to do with new product innovations.  Yesterday,  Tim Cook shared details about Apple‘s commitment to match employee gifts to non-profits up to $10,000 per year.  This is a fantastic initiative and it seems fitting given Apple’s historical roots in education and other non-profit verticals.

We are big fans of Apple products, and announcements like this make us even bigger fans of Apple as a company.

If every employee took full advantage of this, it would generate $466 million in matching contributions!

We know that advancement teams and development officers all over the country smile upon discovering new matching gift programs.  We thought it would be fun to see which schools have the most to gain by Apple’s recent announcements.  By using LinkedIn’s Statistics feature, we were able to quickly see the top 5 academic institutions attended by Apple employees.

All in, it was a good day for many of the California schools that send a steady stream of candidates to Cupertino.  Best of luck to the advancement teams at San Jose StateStanford, Berkeley, Texas and Cal Poly.

We learned some other fun facts about Apple.  Approximately 60% of Apple’s 46,000 employees have profiles on LinkedIn.  Of the 27, 356 employees with LinkedIn profiles:

  • – 43% have 10 years or less of work experience (young alumni giving!)
  • – 60% attained a Bachelor’s Degree
  • – 31% attained a Master’s Degree
  • – They currently have 28 open jobs listed

To learn more about Apple’s employees, see the full Statistics page here.

Does your institution have alumni who work at Apple?  What are other leading matching gifts programs you’re aware of?

Ever True!


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