Young Alumni and Mobile Connections

Just a year ago my classmates and I were capping off four tremendous years at Boston College. As we participated in athletics, leadership, and service, our university’s motto “Ever to Excel” started its lasting impact on our personal development. Talk to alumni from Boston College, and they will happily share with you their moments on the Heights and how it fundamentally changed who we are.

Whether it be assisting recent graduates in the job hunt, serving as a mentor for younger alumni or simply cherishing memories of days gone by, we can find strength and happy recollection in our alumni communities.

Today, with steady innovation in the mobile and smartphone sector, there are revolutionary ways for alumni to connect and, in return, for universities and non-profits to charter a new high-reward space for fundraising. This revolution is not just driving the online alumni networking experience, but also a new way to bring alumni together in person and to provide them a chance to interact with their communities in an authentic way.

These are the sorts of connections and opportunities for alumni that have excited me to join the team at EverTrue.

My name is Harvey Simmons. I am an avid fan of the tech sector and a strong believer in the power of mobile. Having past experience in university branding and marketing, I will be working to help spread EverTrue’s mission to better connect alumni to their school and one another. Check out the EverTrue blog for exclusive advice, insight and content that shows how new technology can mobilize your alumni.

Cannot wait for those blog posts? Interested in what EverTrue does and want to see how it can make a difference on your campus, or alma mater, starting today?

Shoot us an email at and we will be delighted to chat with you.

Ever True,

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