3 Steps for a Great Holiday Alumni Reunion

As decorations go up and you switch over to Pandora’s Rockin’ Holidays station, we know that the holiday party season is upon us. For alumni groups and development officers, it is time to start preparing the egg nog and planning fun opportunities for alumni to connect with one another. Many institutions, such as Roxbury Latin and Philips Academy in Andover, already have an alumni event marked on their calendar, and there is still time for your organization to get started too!

Here are three stepsfor a successful Holiday Alumni Reunion:

1. Invite everyone!
The holiday season is a joyful affair that all graduating classes, from 41′ to 11′, can resonate with. This unifying season can soften conversation barriers during the event and will hopefully create long lasting relationships for your alumni.

2. Capitalize on the New Year: As 2012 approaches, alumni offices can take full advantage of the New Year to suggest to their alumni a resolution of renewed commitment to the institution through volunteering or by establishing a monthly monetary gift.

3. Make it Simple & Make it Fun: No need to go over the top on decorations—a few wreathes, music, and classic white lights should do the trick. Follow the Brown Club of Boston’s lead and enlist talented alumni as musical guests, while serving appropriate snacks and drinks—perhaps featuring one of these top holiday cocktails.

Looking to make all your reunions more fun? Want to give your alumni a mobile tool that they can use to share photos of the event, network with other alumni and see what is happening today at their alma mater?

Let the team at EverTrue know what’s on your alumni engagement wish list at info@evertrue.com.



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