App Recommendations from the EverCrew

At EverTrue we believe in the power of mobile and we love apps.

This Holiday Season, as you might come across a new gadget, or find some extra time on a smart phone or iPad, our team recommends 10 apps that we have found helpful to make us be more productive and have more fun!

1. Courtney Camps, Director of Client Services: THIS AMERICAN LIFE

The quick run-down: This American Life is a hit public radio show and most weeks, the most popular podcast in the country.

Why Courtney loves it: “The show is an hour long so I never get the chance to listen to it straight through but I love being able to have the whole show catalog on my phone to listen to when walking to work or traveling. The app is easy to use, organized and provides hours of entertainment on interesting topics from the awesome show!”

2. Jesse Bardo, VP of Sales: 360 PANORAMA

The quick run-down: Beautiful Panoramas Made Easy

Why Jesse loves it: “Taking 360 pictures of the locations you are in and then sharing those to Facebook and Twitter and letting your friends interact with the location you are in is absolutely fantastic. Probably the coolest app I have on my phone.”

3. Harvey Simmons, Marketing Associate: SPOTIFY

The quick run-down: “The Celestial Jukebox is no pipe dream; it’s here now”- Time

Why Harvey loves it: “Spotify makes music easy and social. With Spotify I have access to tons of music, constantly discover new artists and share with my friends on Facebook the music that I enjoy the most.”

4. Brent Grinna, CEO and co-founder: FLIPBOARD

The quick run-down: Flipboard creates a personalized  magazine of everything being shared with you.

Why Brent loves it: “Flipboard offers a great experience through its centralized content platform. I love the Flipboard “Technology” channel, but also really enjoy reading my LinkedIn Today news feed and Twitter stream via Flipboard.”

5. Eric Carlstrom, CTO and co-founder: FIND MY FRIENDS

The quick run-down: Find My Friends allows you to easily locate friends and family from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Why Eric loves it: “Find Friends” finally gives me the features I wanted on my phone for years… I’ve used other third-party apps, but they’ve never worked as well. It’s such a great tool in many situations, but especially when my family is travelling. I know exactly when to pick them up at the bus station and plan a warm welcome. It’s awesome because it has a real impact on my day-to-day life – save me time, and shows the real power of information. I only wish more people used it!”

6. Andrew, Programmer: INSTAGRAM

The quick run-down: Free, fun and simple way to make gorgeous photos on your iPhone.

Why Andrew loves it: “Makes it unbelievably easy to do something that should be so simple; share photos. Seems silly but it is a huge challenge to design a UI and UX that has the right balance of functionality and simplicity.”

7. Drew, Programmer: TWITTER

The quick run-down: Follow your interests: instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.

Why Drew loves it: “I love consuming content on my phone and Twitter is amazing for finding relative content”

8. Fanghao Chen, Software Developer Intern: EVERNOTE

The quick run-down: Evernote turns your smart device into an extension of your brain, helping you remember everything and anything that happens in your life.

Why Fanghao loves it: “Easy to use and share. Clean and simple UI design. Native view is my favorite part.”

9. PJ Gray, Senior iOS Developer: WORLDLENS

The quick run-down: Instantly translate printed words from one language to another in real time using your iPhone’s video camera.

Why PJ loves it: “This is the only app that I have seen that I really have been like “How the heck did they do that?”.  The translator is awesome and even keeps the fonts and colors the same as it easily translates print materials.”

10. Tony DiPasquale, Programer: YELP

The quick run-down: Search and review local businesses, restaurants, and more.  Use fellow customer reviews to make your purchasing decisions.

Why Tony loves it: I love how you can easily jump in and out of the map view.  Once in the map you can hit the “see what’s around me” to locate what other businesses are in the area you are searching in.”

Have any App Recommendations? Tell us at

Ever True,


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