LinkedIn for Alumni Prospect Research and Engagement

EverTrue held its first webinar last Wednesday, entitled “LinkedIn for Alumni Engagement and Prospect Research.”

If you were busy or just missed it, no worries, we recorded it for you.

While focusing on alumni groups and advanced search, EverTrue CEO and Co-founder Brent Grinna provided insight on how alumni offices can best utilize LinkedIn for increased engagement with their alumni communities. With attendees from both independent schools and universities, domestic and international, a great conversation sparked on how LinkedIn can benefit a variety of institutions.

By tapping into the world’s largest professional network, the webinar addressed questions like:
•What are the top industries, locations, companies and groups of your alumni community?
•How can you sort your alumni by educational experience and job title?
•What are best practices for alumni groups on LinkedIn?

A special thanks to all those who attended.

Have an idea for our next webinar? Shoot us an email at!

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