Rivalry Week: Alumni at Williams and Amherst

ESPN, the popular 24/7 sports network, will be starting today their annual college basketball “rivalry week.” As the teams hit the court for battle, EverTrue has decided to look at a few compelling rivalries that excite our team.

Today, we feature a college basketball matchup slated for this upcoming Friday between two prestigious liberal arts colleges hailing from Western Massachusetts.

Williams College and Amherst College, both members of the NESCAC Conference and part of the “Little Three”, saw their first match on the football field in 1884, and now for over a century have seen their rivalry grow over a variety of athletic contests.

Beyond sharing purple jerseys, a close observation of the two schools on LinkedIn makes it readily apparent that colors is not all that these schools have in common. Here are a few of our observations:

• Williams and Amherst alums share top popular industries: law, finance and higher education
• Alums from both schools tend to land in NYC, Boston and San Francisco (in that order)
• Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan are top employers for both colleges

When noting their alumni on their LinkedIn, the game remains close. The slightly larger Williams (Williams at 2,188 undergraduates vesus Amherst’s 1,795) takes an edge with 4,878 members over Amherst’s 4,049.

Yet, lastly, it appears that in other social mediums the two schools differ:

Williams has placed their attention to a Twitter account dedicated to their alumni with 632 Followers.

Meanwhile, Amherst has emphasis to a Facebook page for their alumni with 2,208 Likes.

How does your alumni office match with your athletic rivals’ in social media? What channels have you found most effective for engaging with your alums?

Interested in learning more about what your alumni are up to? Make sure to check out EverTrue’s recent webinar on “LinkedIn for Alumni Engagement and Prospect Research” and to email marketing@evertrue.com for a free “LinkedIn Alumni Analysis.”

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