Rivalry Week: Alumni of Syracuse and Georgetown

While growing up in Central New York I had become, and still remain, an avid fan of the Syracuse Orange. If you ask most Syracuse University basketball fans who their biggest rival is, you will most likely hear about the Hoyas from Georgetown University. Tonight, the two top ranked teams meet each other again to contend for court supremacy.

Off the court, these two highly esteemed universities produce excellent alums that head often toward different paths. SU’s well regarded Newhouse School of Communications produces many alums who work in the marketing and advertising industry. While, being located in the heart of politics in D.C., Georgetown attracts recruiters from government organizations and is the starting point for many alums who enter into a career of public service or law.

Regardless of their differences, both schools are heavily engaged in social media for their alumni communities. Although half the size of the Syracuse Alumni Community, Georgetown still boasts an impressive 6,401 Likes on their Facebook Alumni page. Meanwhile, the Orange proudly maintains one of the most influential Twitter handles in higher education.

From our analysis of the alumni of this classic Big East rivalry, here are a few highlights:

• SU Alums & Georgetown Alums Often Stay Close to the Campus of their Alma Mater

• A High Number of SU Alums Serve as Owners of a Business

• Georgetown Alums Are Active in Public Policy

• The Orange and the Hoyas have similar engagement in their Alumni LinkedIn Groups

Let us know if you have a rival that you would like for us to highlight on the EverTrue Blog!

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