Rivalry Week: Alumni at Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter

Photo Credit to LOCPix, an app developed by EverTrue Developer PJ Gray

For our last post of rivalry week, we take a look at one of the oldest rivalries in high school contests between two top ranked prep schools, Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter. This rivalry began at the schools’ origins when Samuel Phillips JR. established Phillips Andover at Andover, Massachusetts in 1778 and was followed just three years later by his uncle John Phillips in his establishment of Phillips Exeter at Exeter, New Hampshire. Today Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter boast a healthy amount of well known alums who have made significant contributions to society. Ulysesses Grant and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are two of Exeter’s famous names. Andover boasts Benjamin Spock, Artist Frank Stella, Central Park Designer Fredrick Law Olmsted, and both President Bush’s amongst others.

EverTrue’s VP of Alumni Engagement and Andover alum, Jesse Bardo, recounts his experience with the rivalry, “Andover plays Exeter in every sport, the last week of the season, every season. Your team may not win a single game the entire year, but if you beat Exeter, the season is a success. The rivalry is still strong for me out in my professional life today. I meet Exeter alums and that is the first thing we talk about. It is an incredible tradition to be a part of. I remember every win I had against Exeter.”

When approaching these two distinguished school’s alumni communities on LinkedIn, it is easy to see that there is much in common for the Phillips family. Both school’s alums attend fine institutions, Harvard and Yale topping for both schools as the most attended only to be followed by other Ivy’s. Financial Services and Law Practice are both common industries for alums to land and a large portion stay close to their New England roots by vying for positions in Boston and New York City.

Beyond demographics of the alumni communities that we found on LinkedIn, the academies are both active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Let us know if you have a rival that you would like for us to highlight on the EverTrue Blog!

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