Alumni Adopting Mobile

In the Fall of 2007, to have an iPhone was a novelty, an attraction. Whether it was a stranger onlooking an iPhone user with deep curiosity, or a recent buyer sharing their new purchase with friends, for many there was something remarkable about their first experience with the revolutionary touch screen device. In 2007, it took Apple roughly seven months to sell 4 million iPhones after its release. Fast forward four years later to the release of iPhone 4s, and it just took three days to sell 4 million units!

According to a report by ComScore, at the close of 2011 more than 2 in every 5 US cellphone users had a smartphone. These users had a selection of over 400 different devices to choose from, with Apple’s devices taking the top three spots for most popular in the US. Yet even with Apple’s device popularity, Android tops all operating systems, in both the US and the EU.

Additionally, ComScore highlighted that although smartphones were most popular amongst the 25-34 year old segment, those who are retired or are aged between the ages of 55-64 are currently some of the fastest growing segments for smartphone adoption. The growth in this older market, along with an 80% increase in 2011 of users with associate degrees, signals to the large amount of alumni adopting mobile and opportunities for effective engagement.

When considering the consumption of 127 million mobile users in the US, ComScore confirmed that nearly 50% of users utilize apps as their choice for mobile consumption, edging out the use of mobile browsers. If, taking a look even further into what categories of information mobile users seek, job information, or networking opportunities, is one of the fastest growing categories with 74% growth.

As a company dedicated to connecting alums to their alma mater, and one another, this report excites EverTrue for many alumni connections to be made by mobile in 2012!

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