Alumni Events to Watch for at SXSW

Since March 1987, South by Southwest has grown from a small music festival of fewer than 700 attendees to a dynamic party of nearly 50,000 music, film and interactive media enthusiasts.

With a combination of large crowds, warm weather, and diverse attendees, ranging from high-powered corporate executives to aspiring entrepreneurs, SXSW is an outstanding forum for alumni events.

A group of Boston-based colleges and universities and a local startup accelerator are making the most of this opportunity to convene their communities over 2,000 miles from the Original Bay Area in Austin, Texas.

Check out our list of Boston Alumni Events to Watch for at SXSW!  Is your school hosting an event we should know about?

MIT Media Lab
Details: Friday, March 9th, 5-6PM, Hilton Austin Downtown | Open to SXSW Attendees

MIT Media Lab will kick off the first afternoon of SXSW with a panel presentation, including MIT Media Lab Director and Chair of the Creative Commons, Joichi Ito. The panel is to be followed by a hands-on-workshop and, as the event description notes, “a great party, all centered around what is new and exciting in and about the Media Lab, and how the different projects and the Lab as a whole connect to the world.” As part of the event, the MIT Media Lab hopes to build a platform for “enabling digital-physical games, art and silliness – all around the theme of connecting people, and having fun.”

Details: Friday, March 9th, 8PM – “Party Turns Awkward”, TBA | Open to SXSW Attendees

While TechStars isn’t exactly a college, this accelerator takes its alumni events seriously. On opening night, TechStars aims to make some noise and to have fun at a location still to be determined. Be prepared for a celebration of entrepreneurship and meet TechStars Boston alumni including The Tap Lab, Kinvey and EverTrue!

Digital Harvard
Details: Sunday, March 13th, 6-8PM, The Parish | Open to All Harvard Affiliates

The Harvard Alumni Association is hosting a networking event that appeals to both creative and business focused alumni. With presentations from faculty, demonstrations from thought leaders in the interactive space and plenty of networking opportunities, over 250 alumni and friends have already registered for Harvard’s inaugural SXSW gathering. Attendees will also enjoy a Harvard metaLab social game at the close of the event!

Berklee College of Music
Details: Friday, March 18th, 1PM | Friends Bar

Is music more your thing? Berklee, well known for producing some of the world’s most talented and skilled musicians, is showcasing their talent at their Sixth Annual Official SXSW Party. Be on the lookout for standout performances from high-energy rock and roll band Aloud, fiery string quartet Art Decade, and electrified psychedelic string soul band the Boston Boys.

Is there an alumni event that you are excited about at SXSW? Let us know!

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