EverTrue Launches Print Directory

Since the day we founded EverTrue, we have taken a “mobile first, web second” approach given our enthusiasm for the rapidly evolving smartphone market. While we remain focused on further enhancing our mobile alumni networking platform, we are excited to announce our newest product line: EverPrint – our print alumni directory & CD-ROM.

Although the mobile market is growing rapidly, the harsh reality is that only 49% of Americans have a smartphone. This compares to 100% of Americans who have access to print materials. After analyzing the numbers, it was clear that we needed to extend our reach to serve the entire alumni community.

We have spent the last six months repackaging our mobile platform into a beautiful print directory experience. While the New iPad claims to be “Resolutionary”, mobile and tablet devices are simply incapable of offering the tactile responsiveness of paper. Furthermore, print directories offer truly “on demand” access without the constraints of overburdened carrier networks or limited battery life. This print platform will extend EverTrue’s reach to all corners of the globe in addition to the promising lunar market.

EverTrue’s VP of Alumni Engagement, Jesse Bardo, is thrilled about the new offering noting that, “while evangelizing the EverTrue alumni mobile offering, I kept getting asked, ‘but what if my constituents don’t have the internet?’ With our new print directory product, we finally have an answer.”

Eric Carlstrom, EverTrue CTO, also stated his enthusiasm for the CD-ROM package:”When our team had the idea, I said NO WAY. It can not be done. You can’t fit an entire alumni community on *one* CD-ROM. But, then, our team got busy. What we created is nothing short of a miracle.”

We’re pricing the mobile print alumni directory on par with solutions from industry leaders including Harris Connect and PCI.

EverTrue Print Alumni Directory Pricing
Collector’s Edition (hardbound) and CD Package- $109.00 +$16.95 Shipping and Handling
Regular Edition (softbound) and CD Package- $99.99 + $16.95 Shipping and Handling
Collector’s Edition (hardbound)- $99.99 + $11.95 Shipping and Handling
CD Rom- $99.99 + $9.95 Shipping and Handling
Regular Edition (softbound)- $79.99 + $11.95 Shipping and Handling Reunion CD (2yrs prior & 2yrs post alumni class yr)- $24.99 + $7.95 Shipping and Handling

“Our objective is to connect alumni to each other and to Brown,” said Todd Andrews ‘85, Vice President of Alumni Relations at Brown University, “and even in the digital age, the print directory helps to make that happen.”

“In 2006, Dartmouth alumni purchased 6,000 print directories for $100 each representing $600,000 in revenue, so print feels like a natural extension for EverTrue” said TechStars CEO David Cohen. “Furthermore, the massive amounts of paper produced by the print alumni directory industry will help bolster the declining logging industry, which is a sector TechStars is very interested in”.

In order to support this new initiative, EverTrue is raising the price of its previously free alumni apps to $109 in the iPhone and Android markets.

“As a beta tester of both the EverTrue print directory and the EverTrue mobile application, it’s my humble opinion that the mobile app is much more user friendly and effective than the print version. Therefore, the $109 mobile app price tag seems fair relative to the utility I receive from the print version,” said Phillips Andover Academy alumnus and New York Giant Zak Deossie ‘03.


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