5 Reasons to Make Sure Your Senior Class is on LinkedIn

Recently, our team caught @edudemic tweet a great article detailing the benefits of LinkedIn for students.

After a bit of reflecting on how to get more alumni on LinkedIn, we realized that an inDay for your Senior Class could be an answer, or at least a great start! Whether you have 6,000 soon-to-be young alumni at Ohio State University or 130 seniors at Kipp Houston High School, strongly encouraging your graduating class to join LinkedIn is a simple way to align your counseling, career and alumni relations & development offices.

Here are 5 reasons you can’t let your young alumni leave campus without their diplomas – and a LinkedIn account.

1) Captive Alumni – An institution’s influence over their youngest alumni falls once they leave campus. A basic student profile on LinkedIn takes a only a few minutes to complete before walking across the stage.

2) Lifetime Connection – If you get students to engage with LinkedIn before they leave campus, they will be more inclined to maintain their profile as they advance through their academic and professional careers. This means you won’t have to worry about “lost alumni.”

3) Reunion Planning – As a bonus, get seniors to join your LinkedIn alumni group. By investing now, you can be prepared to welcome them back on campus in 5 short years.

4) Career Networking – Walk graduates through an advanced search to find fellow alumni who work in the industry they aspire to work in. Make alumni connections happen.

5) EverTrue Integration – Through our partnership with LinkedIn, EverTrue extends LinkedIn networking capabilities through mobile. Meaning, with EverTrue, your alumni have a real-time global alumni network in their pocket.

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