Finish Strong! Last Minute Strategies for Annual Fund Success

Ask, Incentivize and Thank: These are three of the overarching themes that Jesse Bardo, Sarah Santos, and Laura Maher highlighted yesterday in our webinar, “Finish Strong: Last Minute Strategies for Annual Fund Success.”

Ask volunteers.
Volunteers are where they are today because of your school! Laura, of The Fountain Valley School, explains how she used her volunteers in their “Text-to-Give” campaign, as a very effective mobile fundraising effort. By involving board members, chairs, class agents and parent chairs, FVS was able to double their donation goal.

Incentivize giving.
Utilize social media to bring your alums back to school by highlighting the competition of rival schools. School days may be over for alumni, but they still harbor the desire to beat their greatest rival and this time they can do so with their wallet. You can even have some inter-school rivalry by pitting graduating class years against one another and managing this on your Facebook page.

Thank donors.
Show your alumni your gratitude. Sarah, Senior Annual Fund Officer at Brown University, noted the importance of saying thank you, which goes a long way especially for the volunteers who make success possible.

View the Webinar to realize how to Motivate Volunteers, Improve Participation and leverage New Tactics in the final push to finish strong in 2012 and beyond!

Also, make sure to join us for our next webinar on June 27th with Mercedes Maskalik to explore how The Loomis Chaffee School built out their social media presence, tips on popular sites such as Facebook and getting started on emerging platforms like Pinterest.

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