Casting the Right Alumni Net

My generation often struggles with the Facebook effect, or the impact of the influx of social media in the last couple years. Like many Facebook users today, I continually challenge the true merits of having such a broadly defined social network. In my own life, I’ve chronically cycled through the process of deactivating my account and reactivating it only days later. It’s clear that I’m addicted, but what experience am I addicted to? The website has never helped me grow intellectually or taught me how to better express myself, and more importantly, it’s failed to deliver the most important aspect of networking: putting me a handshake closer to my dream job.

I am joining EverTrue as an intern this summer: a company that I truly believe is filling this void in social networking. As opposed to inundating us with every single person we’ve met in our entire lives, the company helps us make real, meaningful connections with the people that have vested interests in our growth, and, being current college undergrad at Brown and recent graduate of Milton Academy, I have quickly come to see how important these relationships are in helping students transition from an academic setting into a real-world, professional setting.

Since starting at Evertrue a little over a week ago, I have been constantly impressed by the team’s progress – even within a day’s work. Whether it be witnessing the development team working late hours to transform the entire app experience overnight or listening to Courtney go on and on about how great her time at Bowdoin was and how Evertrue would allow her to reconnect with a community she cherishes, I can easily see how this team’s dedication boasts a genuine desire to improve the connection between one and his alma mater. These people are obsessed. And, I am truly excited to take this time not only as an opportunity to learn about the startup world but also as a chance to improve a tool that I frankly believe will help myself open doors in the near future.

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