7 Tweets to Promote An Alumni App

School is back in session. As students are learning what they have in store for the upcoming semester, advancement offices are gearing up for yet another busy season of student move-ins, homecoming and parent visits. To our client schools with all this action on campus, and online as well, capitalize on this time to get alumni using your app!

Here are 7 ready-to-go tweets for your use:

On Career Networking:

Looking for a new gig this Fall? Discover alumni in your profession who live nearby with our @EverTrue alumni app [download link….]

Seems just yesterday was your first day of classes and now you’re looking for a job! We have an app to help [Download link….]

Trying to expand your professional network? Give your alumni community a try. Download our alumni app [download link….]

On Staying Connected

Remember to keep connected with us, and keep connected with each other through our @EverTrue community app! [download link….]

Big or small moments that you’d like to share with your alumni community? Spread the word on our alumni app [download link….]

Homecoming weekend is soon approaching. Wondering what your teammates are up to these days? Connect through @EverTrue! [download link….]

New in town and looking to meet alums? See where they live nearby with our community app [download link….]

Looking for your campaign link? Just drop us a note and we’d be happy to help.

Now go and get busy in the Twittersphere!

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