Instagram for Advancement: Webinar Recap

Earlier this week Mark Zuckerburg announced that Instagram had reached over 100 million users and experienced 1179% growth since 6 months ago, a time when Facebook acquired the start up for nearly a billion dollars– a deal that many analysts are now calling “a steal”.

This news was timely as yesterday we hosted our webinar “Instagram for Advancement.” Along with Alex Hanken from Middlesex School, and Mike O’Neill from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute we took a comprehensive view of how schools can start leveraging the popular photo-sharing app.

We kicked things off by addressing trends in the photo-sharing space, and how it’s effecting educational institutions. After considering these trends, on the webinar we did a 101 demonstration of Instagram with tips on popular filters for campus shots, and learned how Mike and Alex have been able to maximize their efforts with Instagram at RPI and Middlesex with their campaigns and best practice techniques. Lastly, we highlighted a few third-party tools for Instagram such as Statigram, StickyGram and Postagram, that can be used to analyze your success on Instagram and to celebrate your community’s best photos.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #instacampus, and look forward to catching you all again soon at our next webinar. In the meantime, hope that you enjoy the recording and please let us know your thoughts!

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