Show Your School Colors With Twitter's New Layout

In an update that benefits both campus photographers and media mangers, Twitter recently launched a new layout. The change allows users to upload a “header photo” and more effectively expose interactive content, similar to Facebook’s Timeline.

By analyzing The Top 50 of Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges and their Twitter accounts, it is found that 38% of these top institutions have adopted the new layout since its release just two weeks ago. Many schools such as Princeton, Williams College and MIT have taken an appealing, yet traditional, approach in their new design by using a solid school color for their background and a prominent school landmark for their new “header photo.” Other schools, such as Colorado College and Vanderbilt University, have taken the opportunity to express a flair for their landscapes and the season, respectively.

To get started with the new layout, access your account’s “Settings”, then go to “Design” and add your “Header Photo.”

There are plenty of reasons to update your profile to the new layout. Here are just a few:

Take Advantage of New Real Estate
With the addition of the “header photo” you can now express another perspective of your community on Twitter. Whether incorporating a unique shot of campus, or showing some humor, the right “header photo” can set the tone of your profile.

Display More Content to Viewers
Past Twitter profiles display only 4 photos. The new layout displays 6 photos with larger dimensions, and also further flaunts your media in the profile stream with exposed views.

Have a Mobile Expression
Since the update, which had a strong focus on mobile improvement, all profiles that do not have a “header photo” uploaded have a stock background behind their icon. Once you incorporate a “header photo” to your account, that image will bring your mobile profile to life!

Looking for some more inspiration before adding your header image?
Take a look at these 12 schools who have recently made the switch:

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