Ideas We Love: Xavier High School iPad Giveaway

It is really fun for us here at EverTrue to hear from both customers and alumni users about the ways they are using their EverTrue app to reconnect with peers and their school from around the world.  I especially love it when schools come up with creative ideas of how to promote their EverTrue app, while at the same time, using it to gather good data about their alumni.  Xavier High School is doing just that.

Last Monday I received an alumni newsletter from Xavier that highlighted the recent launch of their EverTrue app.  I clicked on the article and was excited to see that Xavier was taking their app promotion to the next level.  The article explained all the app features but also this; “Every alumnus who signs up and updates their contact information will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad. We will be raffling off two iPads, so be sure to download the app today and confirm or update your contact information in your profile! “

What a great idea!

I reached out to Matt Strekel, Director of Advancement at Xavier, who had this to offer, “To date, we have had close to 300 downloads of the app in just about a month.  I am exceptionally impressed with the amount of time that our users are staying on the app and using it.  More impressive, perhaps, is that of those 300 who have so far downloaded it, close to 1/3 were “lost” alumni for whom we had little to no valid contact information for.”

The Alumni Association who announced the iPad giveaway is hoping that the extra motivation to update your info will result in even more lost alumni coming back and reconnecting with the school.  We are excited to hear the winners announced!

Thanks Matt and thanks Xavier High School for a great EverTrue idea!

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