How to Make Your Donors YouTube All-Stars

With powerhouse videos such as Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe continuing to break records on YouTube, and the many collegiate covers that have followed over the past year, 2012 has proved once again the value of video for social reach.

A year since it’s release, we would like to salute the CASE Award-Winning original production “Stroh Center Rap” which has captured nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. The hilarious 3 minute spot features a rap full of school pride performed by then-senior Mikey “Rosco” Blair, and major donors dribbling around Bowling Green State University‘s new athletic complex, the Stroh Center.

The video was a collaborative effort of BGSU’s Marketing, Athletics, Advancement Offices and Madhouse, a Toledo creative firm.

Here are three elements that make the philanthropic anthem stand out:

1. Execute A Fun & Consistent Theme: From the video’s start to finish, Mikey, the donors and student-athletes maintain a cool and confident swag that mimics an athlete’s confidence on the court.

2. Make Major Donors Human: Major donors, while often recognized for their name, would not be recognized if seen around campus. Stroh, Schmidthorst and Frack were able to create some great laughs in this video, with the expense of being able to poke some fun at themselves. You have to give them a huge shout-out for participating.

3. Thank the Whole Community: BGSU did a fantastic job of getting students, donors, faculty members and even the gospel club involved in the video. At the song’s close, Mikey also does a great job of thanking all the donors who made the new athletic center a reality.

Has your school created or thought of producing a celebratory video for donors?

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