A Holiday Gift List That Will Make Alumni Check Twice

Finding the perfect holiday gift for a past mentor, classmate or colleague is not always an easy task. Some years it feels like the same holiday shuffle: “Should I go with a school coffee mug? maybe a sweater? how about a tie or a clock?”

To help remedy these giving blues more than a few alumni associations have tackled the task of creating an alumni holiday guide. Whether taking the form of a post (as here in the Brown Alumni Magazine or Loyola Maryland Magazine), an online page turner (such as this guide by Pingry School) or even an active Facebook album (like this one by Middlesex School), there are many ways an institution can spread the good word on gifts that spread school spirit.

Items for Your Alumni Holiday Guide

In order to make your alumni holiday guide a success it’s important to not just be selling items from your bookstore. Instead, the guide can serve as a unique reflection of your community. It is a way to celebrate the successful businesses of your alumni base.

Here are 5 simple ideas for items for your alumni holiday gift guide.

Alumni Books & Music

Add a link to Amazon or iTunes for alumni titles.  If the artist is just getting off the ground send alumni towards their Kickstarter page!

Alumni Snacks

Point to tasty sweets, bold sauces or fine bottles of wine that are complimentary of your community. Partner with these creators of delectable treats to create an “alumni gift basket” that brings the alumni flavor home.

Alumni Jewelry and Crafts

Support alumni artisans by providing links to their personal website, or with a link to their Etsy page. Showcase their amazing crafts on Pinterest.

Alumni Local Businesses 

Support local business with links to their Yelp pages — ask if they can offer a special discount for fellow alumni through FourSquare!

Alumni Dinner 

Make it super easy for alumni to book reservations for dinner as a way to bring family and friends together for the holiday season by linking OpenTable profiles of alumni restaurants. If they’re looking to stay in for some caroling you can point them to Foodler as well for quick delivery!


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