Meet Our New Co-Ops: Alex & Andy!

Alex is a Computer Science and Interactive Media major, with interests in mobile web development, and juggling. Andy is a Computer Science and Business major who spends his free time programming, biking, and rock climbing.

We’re Alex and Andy, EverTrue’s newest employees!

On January 7th, we started our first day of a 6 month full-time employment through Northeastern’s cooperative education program where we wasted no time in getting down to business. From the get go, we were excited to start developing Android applications and learning the wide variety of tools that EverTrue employs for their mobile web solutions.  We’ve been kept busy these first few days here as we’ve begun to dig into the details of the app creation and management process. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but our drive to learn these new technologies has been pushing us forward.

Don’t let all this work give the wrong impression, we received a very warm welcome to the team. Quickly after arriving for our first day of work at Evertrue, it became clear that the company was no stranger to Northeastern co-op. If it wasn’t enough that the current Android developer is a Northeastern alumni, there is a past co-op working part time as well. This provided for little to no ‘introduction’ phase, we felt like part of the team by the end of the first 10am meeting.

If our first day wasn’t proof enough, one of the most rewarding parts of the co-op program is that you get treated as full time employees. This includes work, expectations, and the interview process. You aren’t given busy work that falls off the table, you’re providing real work that affects how your company does. Although you aren’t completely out of a limb, the training wheels come off. While we both interviewed at a number of tech companies in Boston, we were fortunate enough to get to work at our first choices. The idea of ‘wearing many hats’ at a start up really drew us in, and the close-knit environment where you know everyone you work with sealed the deal.

A word of advice for students who are attracted to the idea of working in a startup environment, I can’t stress enough the importance of using your free time to develop personal projects and focus on learning the tools and languages for what you want to do. Personal initiative and an optimistic attitude can be just as important as a degree.

Enough about us for now, we have some work to do!

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