Meet Jeff Byrnes, Our New Release & Git Guy


New year, new gig! A great way to kick off things with EverTrue.

I’m joining the team as a Senior Software Engineer, primarily responsible for deployments/releases, version control with Git, developer workflow, and various other web development duties.

Like Pin-Bo, I ended up at EverTrue through a connection in the Boston startup community who introduced me to Brent, and I have really found a place with a mission that I can be passionate about. It’s only been a week, and already I feel very much at home.

I’ll be beefing up all of the developers’ workflows, making it easier & simpler to ship code from our desks to your mobile devices.

I have a background in music (I’m a bassist, and attended Berklee), which, on the surface, does not seem very connected to tech, but the need to be creative within a series of constraints, such as a chord progression, is very much like the need to be creative in the tech and programming world. The “box” a programmer has to live in is so very similar to the “box” of a musical style, a song’s feel, how the band fits together. All of these things have to go together harmoniously, creating a cohesive whole that makes people move, and programming has a very similar feeling, though instead of music to our ears, it’s about giving people value through an application or web site.

If you’re feeling inclined to hear some of my recordings, head on over to the site for a band I formed with some friends back at Berklee: Chet.

I’m looking forward to helping the EverTrue ship hum along even more smoothly.


The post above is by Jeff Byrnes, the newest member and a software engineer for the EverTrue team. Follow Jeff on Twitter at @berkleebassist.

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