One Million Steps!

EverTrue kicked off the New Year with a company-wide fitness challenge… we’ve dubbed it One Million Steps. In only 100 days, we’re challenging everyone on our team to get to 1,000,000 steps.  A lofty goal some may say, but we’re off to the races.  That’s 10,000 steps per day, each and every day; for folks with generous stride lengths like me, this also means 500 miles!

One part culture hack, one part corporate wellness – the challenge is designed to give everyone in the company a chance to succeed, but to also compete vigorously amongst one another.  Everyone on our team has the common goal to live healthier and more productive lifestyle, and this is the least we could do!

But how does one track 18,000,000 steps across our team of 18? Our tool of choice: Fitbit.

The Fitbit is a modern-day pedometer.  Not only does it track your steps using a fancy schmancy accelerometer (just like the one in your smartphone), it’ll also track the flights of stairs ascended using an altimeter, and derives distance walked and calories burned based on your body type.

What are the incentives?  Aside from health and happiness, and all sorts of bragging rights – we’re issuing each person on the team who reaches their goal an EverTrue team jacket.  What’s more, if EVERYONE meets their goal, we each get custom sneakers to boot (so to speak).

So everyone wants to know…

  • Will the entire team make it? Previous Fitbit owners on our team only averaged 6,000-7,000 steps/day in 2012.
  • Who will take home the prize for most steps?
  • Who will get to 1,000,000 first?!

Harvey Simmons, Mike Palladino, and Jesse Bardo appear to be early front-runners… but there’s a deep bench of wildcards in the mix.

Stay tuned.

Come back soon for Part II of this piece on why Fitbit inspires us as a tech company.  And then of course come back for the results in April.

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