Who Would Make Your School's Twitter 100?

Inspired by the diverse breadth of students, faculty members and alumni participating on Twitter, Swarthmore College was recently inspired to launch The Swarthmore Twitter 100. The full list on the institution’s website is complete with short bios and class years, and represents over seven decades of engaged alumni with a broad range of professions and interests.

The Swarthmore Twitter 100 was announced this past December as an initiative of the college’s Communications Department, and was part of an ongoing effort to “grow and develop Swarthmore’s Twitter presence and following,” and as a “nice way to feature and bring attention to the diverse and active community that is out there,” explains Alisa Giardinelli, Director of Web and Media Communications at Swarthmore.

Alisa mentions that her department has had “an incredible response since its launch,” and in addition, that “not only are alums tweeting and retweeting about it, but they are suggesting people to follow and promote.” With the support of a hashtag they created, #SWAT100, in less than a month Alisa reports that the Swarthmore’s Twitter account has obtained over 150 new followers and lots of great feedback, such as the tweets below:

To develop an idea like this, Alisa joked, is like “seeing alums through Twitter colored glasses.” It is a simple, yet effective, free initiative that can connect and celebrate your alumni on Twitter.

Who would make your school’s Twitter 100?

Make your list and let us know what responses you receive from your community.

Learn more ways to use Twitter to engage your alumni with our Social Media Playbook!

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