A Look at The Geosocial Universe

Although we already know that mobile is re-imagining just about everything that we do, we came across this newly minted infographic from JESS3 that beautifully lays out the “Geosocial Universe” and wanted to be sure to pass it along to those in advancement.

One of the most remarkable developments in the “Geosocial Universe” is the rise of 100% mobile-centric social platforms. In 2013, it will be exciting to see what comes from newcomers in this space, such as Path and socialcam, and to also see how smartphone users internationally will continue to increase the bandwidth of social giants, such as FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Has your advancement team tested out mobile-first platforms?

Expand your mobile universe with these lessons around FourSquare from Syracuse University and Skidmore College, and see how Middlesex School and RPI have been mobile space pioneers with Instagram.


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