Spot Your Next Alumni Event with Foursquare

Alumni volunteers and gift officers can relate to the frustrations of finding just the right venue for an alumni gathering or donor meeting. It can be an overwhelming experience to choose the perfect restaurant, pub or activity in a city nearby or a region unexplored.

In a recent post, we highlighted the power that Facebook is bringing to venue discovery with their introduction of Graph Search. Today we would like to point to a new release from a leader in the geosocial universe, Foursquare, that is also making awesome strides in assisting volunteers and officers on the road.



At the beginning of this month, FourSquare introduced “The Best of Foursquare.” Using “signals like tips, likes, dislikes, popularity, local expertise from nearly 3 billion check-ins from over 30 million people worldwide,” The Best of FourSquare provides some really useful insights into fun, tasty and exciting options for alumni dining, nightlife and things to do in 30 popular US cities. No need to log-in, just pick your city and start exploring.

In a quick search of Boston (a city we like to imagine we know well) we thought that FourSquare’s matches were pretty well paired to what would be our picks. Sure, there were some outliers out there — but it was also a good reminder for our team to get out of the office!

After searching for your city and preferred type of venue try these 3 pro-tips:

  • Use the photos from the venue in your promotions for an engaging invite
  • Check venue tips to inform your small plate and drink order suggestions
  • When considering venues make a list and share with colleagues

Now start checking-in and let us know where your journey takes you!


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