Managing Facebook Alumni Page Woes

Regardless of how many good vibes are spread on your alumni association’s Facebook Page, you are still apt at some point to encounter a tough constituent conversation. There are many ways to handle challenging comments from your community, yet in order to be prepared for any Facebook alumni page woes, here are features and a strategy that will keep your fine reputation afloat:

Moderation Blocklist: While logged in as an admin of your institution’s Facebook page, click on “manage permissions” and enter terms that may be offensive or disrespectful to your community. No need to include your school’s rival 😉

• Profanity Blocklist: If you find yourself thinking of every foul-mouthed term imaginable while completing your moderation blocklist, consider using Facebook’s “Profanity Blocklist,” which can also be found under “manage permissions.” Facebook gives you the option to choose between “none,” “medium,” or “strong.” According to Facebook, these terms “will block the most commonly reported words and phrases marked as offensive by the broader community.”

• Responding: Although as a pager manager you have the option to delete negativity by clicking “x” to the right of a comment and the ability to ban a specific users, often the best solution to dealing with a difficult comment is to offer a simple apology and solution. This is the wise advice provided by Carole Billingsley of Seek Social Media. Carole explains that instead of deleting a comment, ignoring it, getting combative, or providing a hollow apology, addressing it head on can show your community that you are strong and respectful. In addition, it can peak interest from some of your most loyal constituents and fans to respond positively as well.

Has your institution’s Facebook page been hit with a difficult comment? How have you handled it? Let us know. 

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