Tips for Posting on Alumni Facebook Pages

In 2013, most alumni relations professionals know that regular posting on Facebook is an important component to their social media strategy, but developing just that can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing exactly how to post and respond to your faithful alumni, and when to do it, can be a daunting task.

However, earlier this month pagemodo released a useful infographic (seen at the bottom of this post) that dives into what content types get the most traction on Facebook and also the best times for posting. Some of the most interesting take-aways from pagemodo’s view point was the benefits of posting on the weekend, and how posts with a fill-in-the-blank (such as the post from Brown below) receive greater than a 92% increase in comments.

Do the posts of your institution’s Facebook page match to the viewpoints below? Let us know!

(Click the image below to zoom in)

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