A Smarter LinkedIn Search

If “who you know is what you know,” as LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman says, then LinkedIn has recently struck a strong chord on improving their user experience.

This week, LinkedIn announced the roll out of a new, improved, and smarter search. One part beautification and two parts strengthening utility, the update comes at a time when LinkedIn is experiencing over 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches a year.

For advancement offices, the update means the ability to search from the homepage for constituents, groups, companies, or new opportunities all in one central spot. As an element of auto-complete, LinkedIn has also grown wiser by being able to predict what you want based upon previous searches and suggest searches related to your queries. Smart.

In addition, one of our favorite features (as displayed in our eBook and webinar on LinkedIn), Advanced Search provides a more accessible experience and automated alerts (versus saved searches) are easier to set than ever.

For LinkedIn’s venture into this new frontier of search, check out their presentation below, and stay tuned for an updated eBook from our team here at EverTrue. As for when the update will be rolled out to all, LinkedIn explains, “The new smarter search is starting to roll out to members today and will be available to all global members in the coming weeks.”

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