Knock Your Alumni Socks Off

I enjoy commercials. Well, at least like many people, I enjoy them when they are good. I look forward to them on the Super Bowl, and when there is one that I like, I will stop the DVR to watch it as it comes on amid last night’s episode of New Girl.

Being that my specialty here at EverTrue is that of Alumni Enthusiast, there has been one recent commercial that sticks out above the rest.

Thank you University of Phoenix for making an ad that is Ever True! Not only do I love the music but I am a huge fan of socks as well. Unique socks are awesome and I like to think that I have a pretty good collection of them. So this University of Phoenix commercial has it all. My socks can be seen below.

Any Andover/ Wesleyan folks have matching ones or red pants for that matter — come on over to our EverTrue offices!

The reason EverTrue exists is because of the story this commercial tells.

Our networks and the affinity that we have to our institutions has brought this company together. Our company continues to grow as alumni reach out to their schools for support. We are just at the beginning but hope that the next Phoenix commercial highlights an alum with red socks and an incredible mobile alumni platform!

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