Break the Marathon Wall with Alumni Pride

Running a marathon is a trying test of the mind, body and spirit, but also simultaneously rewards those who complete its journey with a great sense of triumph. As runners flock to Boston this weekend for the 117th annual Boston Marathon, one of the most prestigious races in the world, area colleges and universities will once again participate by coloring the course with alumni pride.

Personally, I’ll never forget running my first marathon through Boston College’s Campus School Team. There is an unconquerable strength that kicks in for runners when seeing alumni or students on the side-lines rooting them on, helping to carry them all the way to the finish line.

One of the nearby initiatives that has caught our attention is the drive of the “Tufts Marathon Team.” With proceeds benefitting nutrition, medical and fitness programs at Tufts University, TMT (as so it’s become called) claims 100 runners each year who make the trek from Hopkinton to Boston. Since the team’s inception in 2003, prompted by Tufts VP of Advancement Eric Johnson, the team has raised more than $3,572,000 and has already piled in over $291,000 this year alone for a great cause tied to the university!

To raise the funds TMT has used the giving platform Crowdrise to allow runners to personalize their pledge and message to potential donors. The platform also provides a motivating leader-board to further incentivize giving and to capitalize off the competitive spirit of the event.

Best wishes to all those running on Monday. May your alumni pride help you break through the wall!

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