Our Campus: A Marathon Monday Reflection

As a Boston-based company, many of us were not in the office last Monday. At 2:50pm we were all at different locations, but the exact same thought crossed all of our minds – where was EverTrue?

Within a few hours we had checked in with every single member of our team. What’s even more amazing, several of our partners had checked in with us. We are so grateful to have partners that appreciate and care about us as much as we appreciate and care about them.

Several people have asked me what it’s been like in Boston over the past week. Maybe it’s because I work at EverTrue, but I would honestly say that Boston’s felt like a college campus. The Boston Commons have been our “quad”, Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino our “President” and “Dean of Students”. The police have been our “campus safety officers” — those who we might typically see as a bother, but work tirelessly to keep us safe. A campus is supposed to be a safe-haven and when something tries to destroy that, the community bonds together and presses forward together. And that’s exactly what has happened this week.

To put it into EverTrue terms: Boston is our college and we, the Boston community, are its incredibly proud, loyal and engaged students and alumni.

While the past week has been hard for our city, and our country, we want to take a moment to share just a few of the incredible reactions we have seen in our hometown.

Boston College’s “Boston Marathon: The Last 5”

Two Boston College students, Danielle Cole and Michael Padulsky, created a Facebook event called “Boston Marathon: The Last 5” that meant to bring marathon runners, supporters and members of the BC and Boston community together to finish the final 5 miles of the race – from Boston College to Boston. Their message was simple: “We decide when our marathon ends.” In response to overwhelming support, Boston Police had to put the walk on hold for a later date, while the BC Community held a vigil service.

TUGG and Fundraise.com’s Technology Supports Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing

TUGG (Technology Underwriting the Greater Good) and Fundraise.com have created a campaign to aid in the support and response to the Boston Marathon bombing. The effort – Technology Supports Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing – has raised over $200,000 since last Monday with the first $100,000 immediately donated to One Fund Boston which will be directed to helping the victims of the bombing.

Donate Here

BU starts scholarship to honor Chinese student who died in Marathon bombings

Boston University suffered a loss when Lingzi Lu, a graduate student working towards her degree in Statistics, was killed in the Marathon bombings. At a meeting a mere two days later, a scholarship was proposed to honor Lingzi and before the meeting was even adjourned seven attendees had pledged $560,000 for the scholarship. In an effort to honor Lingzi’s memory, her parents said that the scholarship will hopefully “encourage others who have Lingzi’s ambition and dreams and want to make the world a better place.”

We are so impressed with how, despite such tragedy, good has certainly triumphed in Boston. In a town that is often defined by education, what makes us resilient is the energy, dedication, sense of purpose, and spirit that is born within our campus that is Boston. Our thoughts and prayers to all those effected by last week’s events as we remain #BostonStrong!

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