Engaging Alumni with Vine

Social media is constantly changing the way we interact with the world and creating new opportunities to communicate with and engage alumni. Twitter’s Vine video sharing app, which enables users to create and share 6-second clips with Vine users as well as on Facebook and Twitter, was released in January and has since grown to 13 million iPhone users! As the app quickly advances into mainstream usage and video continues to thrive as a powerful medium for storytelling, educational institutions are beginning to experiment with this platform. A number of schools have created Vine accounts specifically to connect with alumni, and we’ve compiled a list at the bottom of this post with 10 alumni Vine accounts you should check out.

With a 183 followers and 36 posts to-date, Boston University has done a stellar job building a presence on Vine. We chatted with Kellen Manning, New Media Coordinator at Boston University to learn about his vision for creating an alumni Vine account. Manning explained, “Initially, I really just wanted to capture campus to remind alumni of what it is, and what it’s like to be here. So whether that’s a Vine of waiting for the T, riding the bus, or capturing a campus event, I wanted to make alumni actually miss being on campus.” Using Vine to create nostalgia in your alumni is an excellent use of this platform and a common theme among Vine early adopters in alumni engagement.

Here are three ways that engagement offices with alumni Vine accounts are currently using the platform:

1. Give a mini tour of campus

Remind your alumni what it’s like to be on campus by showcasing your school’s beautiful buildings, strolling through the academic quad, or focusing on distinctive landmarks.

2. Capture alumni event highlights

Show your alumni what’s happening on campus. Below are Vines from commencement and reunion, but sharing clips from any type of student or alumni event is a great use of Vine.



3. Share what your alumni office is up to

Is your alumni office leading a special thank you campaign or giveaway? Spread the word by sharing it with a Vine.


For more tips on how you can produce quality video without a massive budget, be sure to download our free webinar recording: Lights. Camera. Donations. Video 101 for Advancement. 

In the meantime, here are 10 alumni Vine accounts you should check out:

Emory Alumni Association (40 posts)

BU Alumni (36 posts)

Arkansas Alumni (24 posts)

UMHB Alumni (12 posts)

Cornell Alumni (12 posts)

CUBoulderAlumni (11 posts)

FSU Alumni (10 posts)

Penn Alumni (10 posts)

GW Alumni (8 posts)

Duke Alumni Assoc (7 posts)

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